Bikeshedding Must Fall—My (Possibly Ill-fated) Attempt To Stop Overthinking This Site And To Focus on More Important Things


Hopefully 89th’s the charm as that’s how many attempts I’ve made trying to redesign my personal website since I never quite get satisfied with it. While it’s helpful for soothing my anxieties, I’m getting to a point where it’s eating into the time I could have used making other projects. That’s because I’m bogged down in bikeshedding where instead of focusing on the big picture, I’m focues on silly little things, like making a component which shows the source code of the other components I overthink.

To that end, I’m hoping to use this iteration of my personal website for a while, using the month of March to try and implement the many feature’s I’ve wanted to have here. Big features I want to have include:

  • Move in all of my old posts,
  • schedule more posts in the future (up until the end of the year if I can),
  • Autoscheduling (so I can schedule posts at an arbitraty time rather than a chron job which I’ve tried once),
  • Search and content filtering,
  • Making a website design that does not look like ass (although I’m kinda digging what I have now)
    • doing dark mode properly
    • understand how to design especially without an eye for it
    • add the Recursive font
    • style tables properly.
    • paginate links and micro sections.
  • index the links on this site, a lá Jim Neilsen. There’s some tricky edge cases like templated sections and list pages but I hope to figure it out.
  • improve image handling, particularly suporting multiple image formats. To start off with I want to take easy gains (i.e. convert pngs to modern lossless formats, remuxing JPEGS into JXL) before I figure out how to get them all in the picture element as well as making an overcomplicated image processing pipeline to get the best possible image. I know that means many things but I take it to mean smallest at a given quality where time is irrelevant. Also, handle SVGs better.
  • Add a last FM like think like
  • Improve the site’s information architecture:
    • add a changelog to each posts with updates and notes
    • add a side bar with popular posts and a “today in the past” like thing.
    • figure out how to set up the site’s tags

It’s a lot to try and do in a month but the goal is to see how far I can go and switch to a slower pace where I take more time to polish out a feature. That way I can make other projects, like scanning old family photos.