An Alphabet of Accessibility Issues


I thought this was a beautiful essay which looks into the many people who could face accessibility issues, like visual, situational and even cognitive ones.

They aren’t necessarily permanent and we’ll never know when they’ll come about.

This alphabet soup of accessibility is not a collection of personas. These are friends and family I love. Sometimes I’m describing a group[…]Some people are more than one letter[…]Some represent stages people were in 10 years ago and some stages we know they will hit — we just don’t know when.

Our need for an accessible web might last a minute, an hour, a day, or the rest of our lives. We never know.

We just know that when it’s our turn to be one of the twenty-six, we will want the web to work.

Not sure how helpful the “it could be you” framing is since I find accessibility is addressing other’s concerns, but if it helps people think about accessibility then I’m all for it.

Tomorrow, it’s a new alphabet.

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