Let me learn: Provide tutorials in more formats


A cool post by Tatiana going where they propose publishing tutorials in multiple formats.

Unfortunately, so many of our tutorials (and media in general) only comes in one form. When our teachings are only provided in one media, in one language, in one form, it is inherently inaccessible to some subset of our students.

I imagine most of us teach to provide opportunities and access. Creating access requires us to provide more than one way to take in our content.

The candidates are video, long form content and code snippets. Each of the three have advantages, tips for learners and ways to take them to the next level.

I’ve been thinking about doing this on and off for a while now and I might just go forward with it. My snippet on sticky flexbox footers has a corresponding pen and I’ve wanted to take YouTube seriously again. My hangup with YouTube is that it likes it if you make videos in a certain way (read: profits them) that requires a significant commitment on my part.

One of the opportunities they provide for better long form content is to Visualise written content into a more dynamic way. I have an idea for a big series where I do this, but I’m worried that making it will come off as Dunning-Krugerish since I haven’t started working in tech yet and I’m teaching such a complex topic.

Thankfully, they mention how it’s something we can do time, potentially collaborating along the way.

The goal should not be to stop, but instead to keep imagining new and inventive ways to make our content as acccessible to as many people as possible, especially those who are usually given the biggest barriers to entry.


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