DevLog #4

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Editor’s Note: I really like this format. Instead of making a video every week, I’ll write posts and make a monthly video summarizing what I did.

Due to technical difficulties (laziness), I haven’t made a DevLog in the past 3 weeks. This would have been on my blog but I got lazy so it’s here.

During those three weeks, I’ve been working on

  1. My websites
  2. My senior project
  3. A script

1. My websites

I’ve been planning a grand overhaul of my personal websites for the past year. Ideally, it would have been finished before fall semester but I got so engrossed with details that I didn’t accomplish anything. In the past three weeks, I’ve been trying to make a new theme for my websites and nothing has come out of it. Probably because I was too busy migrating my old blog posts, all of which were badly written. I was stuck between fixing them and leaving them as-is, so I decided to update them and leave a note stating my changes and thoughts on the piece. For now, I’m going to make a very simple personal website containing information about me, my skills and my online presence. Once my website is ready, I’ll make it live. Until then, I’ll upload my blog posts onto other platforms like here.

2. Senior Project

Since it was winter break, I took a break from all my school work, which is how it works right? Anyway, while I was able to get the get_class intent working, I realized that my code was terrible. I mean, it works but barely. There’s no way to extend or modify code without a major rewrite, it’s as unportable as the Manchester Baby and horrible couple. Basically, it’s so bad that I think Randall Munroe called me out with the xkcd comic “Code Quality”.

A four panel comic where a female stick figure

Code Quality 3 by xkcd (Transcript)

Thankfully, I watched a Pluralsight class on Building a JavaScript Development Environment by Cory House that gave me suggestions on how to set up a JavaScript coding environment. Some tips include linting, testing frameworks, build tools, task runners among other things. This gave me a better idea of how my project should look. Some things come with experience but hopefully, this will make my code more pleasant to use.

Along with refactoring my code, I’m hoping to get the get_class and get_meal feature complete before my class demo in two weeks. It was initially next week but it got moved back which I’m thankful for. Not like I wasn’t prepared or anything…

3. The Script

After reading an article on the Atlantic arguing that Retweets Are Trash, I decided to make a script to remove all retweets on Twitter since they get a bit extra sometimes. Granted I’m one reason why Twitter is extra, but this is one step towards putting me at ease (along with frivolous muting). To do this, I made a small Python script with a catch- I could only use Pythonista on my iPad. Doesn’t sound tough until you realize that adding third-party libraries isn’t easy. Supposedly there’s an add on called StaSh which provides a terminal to run pip in but it didn’t install the Python-Twitter module properly so I have to do everything manually.

Possible? Yes. Simple? No. Eventually, I got it to work and I do like the pattern I used to implement OAuth, although I really want to thank Twitter for providing instructions. I might make a post/video about it and start a whole series on it.


For the past three weeks, I’ve been working on my personal website, a script and my senior project(ish). Next week, I hope to;

  • Continue my senior project and refactor getclasses.
  • Make a very simple personal website
  • Migrate some of my blog posts
  • Maybe write about the script.