Using iOS Shortcuts and JavaScript To Extract RSS Feed URLs From YouTube

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A few months ago, I got into RSS readers. Given how much YouTube I watch along with YouTube’s broken subscription tab, I wondered if YouTube had RSS feeds. Turns out it does, but they aren’t advertised. Even with an RSS reader that discovers feeds, it only works for certain pages. So I decided to use iOS Shortcuts to do it for me.


The shortcut will works like this:

  1. Parse the URL for the Channel or Playlist ID and return the feed URL
  2. If step 1 works, ask the user if they want to copy the URL. If so, copy it.
  3. If step 2 doesn’t work, notify the user.

In this post, I’ll focus on 1.

The JavaScript

I expected to do a lot of DOM manipulation and web scraping, but the URL has everything I need. All the feed URLs build on the URL https://www.youtube.com/feeds/videos.xml?.

TypeURL PatternFeed URLid
User (user)https://m.youtube.com/user/tonjesmlhttps://www.youtube.com/feeds/videos.xml?user=tonjesmltonjesml
Playlist (playlist_id)https://www.youtube.com/playlist&list=PLv3TTBr1W_9tppikBxAE_G6qjWdBljBHJ or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpXGB7QQcuY&list=PLv3TTBr1W_9tppikBxAE_G6qjWdBljBhttps://www.youtube.com/feeds/videos.xml?playlist_id=PLv3TTBr1W_9tppikBxAE_G6qjWdBljBHJPLv3TTBr1W_9tppikBxAE_G6qjWdBljBHJ
Channel (channel_id)https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCU6JLYuerEUb7VrDd4zLihghttps://www.youtube.com/feeds/videos.xml?channel_id=UCU6JLYuerEUb7VrDd4zLihgUCU6JLYuerEUb7VrDd4zLihg

Youtube has another URL scheme like youtube.com/c/username but the only way to get the RSS feed for it is to use YouTube’s API on the username. This is not the same as the user_id.

The Code

Nothing too exciting although I did learn about URL parsing using window.location and URLSearchParams.

const YOUTUBE_DOMAINS = ["m.youtube.com","youtu.be", "www.youtube.com"];
const BASE_FEED_URL = "https://www.youtube.com/feeds/videos.xml?";
const pathArr = window.location.pathname.split("/");
const searchParams = new URLSearchParams(window.location.search);
const playlistID = searchParams.get("list");

if (YOUTUBE_DOMAINS.indexOf(window.location.hostname) === -1) {
    completion("Non Playlist/Channel");
if (playlistID){
    let playlistFeedURL = `${BASE_FEED_URL}playlist_id=${playlistID}`;
} else {
    let basePath = pathArr[1];
    if(basePath === "channel") {
       let channelID = pathArr[2];
       let channelFeedURL = `${BASE_FEED_URL}channel_id=${channelID}`;
    } else if ("user" === basePath){
        let user = pathArr[2];
        let userFeedURL = `${BASE_FEED_URL}user=${user}`;
    } else {
      completion("Non Playlist/Channel");

Also note the completion function. This is needed to pass arguments along the shortcut.


You can discover the full shortcut here. **Note 10 October 2022: **The shortcut doesn’t exist anymore and it’ll be part of my project YouTube x RSS once I get around to making it again.