Remembering CSS Tricks


I read this post last week and I was further reminded by it as I was moving in some posts which talked about CSS Tricks that was acquired by DigitalOcean (DO) last year. Heck, I’ve contributed twice.

It seemed as if DO would be the best pick given their reputation for publishing brillant technical guides. Unfortunatley, it didn’t work out like that as the site had laid off the staff and stopped publishing in April 2023. Worse yet, a lot of people really don’t like it now. At least it’s still online unlike scotch.io which was also acquired by DO.

Given this, Chris suggested returning the site back to him for free. It’s not like it’s worth anything to them and Chris would be able to get people to care about CSS Tricks again and lift up Digital Ocean’s reputation in the process.

This didn’t happen which is:

Understandable, really. I wouldn’t want to be handed a huge golden nugget by my boss and then ask for a meeting and be like “I think we should give it back to the leprechaun.”

It does look like he’s helping out at Frontend Master’s blog which should be a bit more successful since it’s more focused towards teaching rather than teaching being a side project like at DO.