Thank You CSS Tricks!


I literally wanted to do this a year ago when DigitalOcean’s purchase of CSS Tricks was announced but I didn’t get around to it for some reason. Had another chance last month when I heard that DigitalOcean had laid off the editor Geoff.

The only reason I’m getting around to it now is that I’m moving in some old content and noticed the two posts I wrote for CSS Tricks. This was the first earned income I’ve gotten since graduating university so I’ll always be greatful to Chris, Robin and Geoff of the CSS Tricks team for giving me a chance. I had tried two times before and got rejected and I’m glad they put up with me even though I took forever.

Asides from letting me contribute to the site, I’ll always be thankful for their tricks (hehe), like their super handy Flexbox guide. I thank all the writers for all the great work they’ve done and wish them all the best in their future work!