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I've Now Got Web Monetization!


In just a few minutes, I’ve been able to set up Web Monetization which lets me get money whenever someone who’s opted to run web monetization visits this website. I think it works like the Brave Web Browser with Basic Attention Tokens. I’m not entirely sure how this works, but I’m excited at the fact that I could make some money.

Setting it up wasn’t too much work aince I followed the Web Monetization quick start guide. For this to work you need a wallet which supports web monetization. I went for Uphold since it works where I live (in Zimbabwe) and it seems to have good features. After following the guide on setting up Web Monetization with Uphold, I added the payment pointer to the website’s head element in a meta tag like this.

<meta name="monetization" content="$ilp.uphold.com/8DZEnaeQBHNd">

So if you somehow have a wallet set up to provide money, I’ll be glad to receive the few cents you send over though you should check out my other methods of support.

In other news, I’ve switched to the dracula code theme 🦇!