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CodePen Revisited

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As I was looking for older versions of my personal website, I came across my CodePen account. I haven’t used it much since I stopped using FreeCodeCamp, but it’s really interesting to look back on what I’ve worked on.

FreeCodeCamp Projects

While I was doing FreeCodeCamp, I used CodePen to design the front end projects. I made

I really pushed myself into making these projects. Still, just looking at all the pens out there, I have a lot to learn.

Personal Websites

There are lots of these. I did a lot of experimentation and given how this website looks right now, I guess this is my style1 even after so many website redesigns.

I also had a phase of trying out really basic websites in an attempt to look cool. After all, look at Bjarne Stroustrup’s website and he created C++. I’ll write more on my personal websites in another post.

Test Pens

While I was still working in the library, I was responsible for maintaining their website. At times, I needed to try out some code but I was too lazy to set things up properly. CodePen came in handy a few times then. I used it to make the hours script for the library and fixing the carusel which shows new library titles.

At one point, I also used it to design QuickPush, my first chrome extension.


This isn’t in line with the git series since these projects are on CodePen rather than GitHub, but I did feel the need to mention it. I’m a bit sad that I don’t use it as much, but it will always be a handy resource as far as I’m concerned.

  1. Not exactly mine. I got the inspiration from Cal Newport’s website↩︎