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Farai's Weight Tracker Revisited

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Source Code for Farai’s Weight Tracker

I used to be fat. Still am, but I used to. I’ve tried many times to lose weight but I haven’t accomplished much. When I made Farai’s Weight Tracker, I thought it would be different this time around. I just read The Hacker’s Diet by John Walker, Founder of Autodesk, and he had an interesting approach to weight loss. It went over the weight loss process and the importance of tracking progress. In his approach, it’s important to log daily progress so that you can build out a trend. Farai’s Weight Tracker was my attempt at tracking progress.

Along with helping me lose weight, I tried to learn Flask through this project. I hoped that this would be the grand project I could show prospective employers to wow them into giving me a job. If it weren’t for my depressive episode. Still, I dredged up enough motivation to make it somewhat usable.

I wish I could reflect on it, but I don’t understand it. Just trying to install this didn’t work because I didn’t have PostgreSQL. Not sure why I needed PostgreSQL if I was the only user. Actually, this whole project is unusual,

  • My bcryt-hashed password wasn’t hidden in any way. Since I had a strong password and given how strong bcrypt is, it would take a long time to crack the password. Still, I doubt leaving credentials in the open is a great idea. Here it is if you want to crack it and let me know what it was since I forgot it. $2b$12$AQnQQAzuAD16NecZOdPPiOaRIFvd2Emw9eoZOxkcDSpjKCeo6Nye.
  • I had a make file which didn’t do much.
  • I wanted to graph my weight using Pygal.
  • I had a list of my weight record which was probably for testing.
  • Actually, I had an entire testing pipeline which I don’t understand.

All I can remember that it barely worked and just how frustrated I was setting up a database and wrangling Flask.

Honestly, I don’t know why I listed this as a prime project. To this day, I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t understand databases very well nor how to make web applications. On the plus side, that means more to learn.